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KAFEDORE mission  as jewelry design & craft  company based in Haiti is to create handcrafted soul pieces made with Love and Passion.

In 2011, our designer Carline SEVERE stop working for a 8 to 4 schedule to have a lifetime experience.


Created in 2012, we have more than 1000 designs in our repertory,  and a lot of  interesting collaborations with other companies, organizations and artists. 


Our team wants to make a difference in others’ perception about Haitian culture through this creative & entrepreneurship journey by giving life to art & creativity.

The concept & goals of our team is  Promote Haitian, Caribbean, African culture with vivid colors, upcycling,  training and sustainables collaboration and projects.


The business aims to work  with women in business, female artists  and everyone who respects and believes in the preservation of our culture.


We aim  to  encourage young people & young women to share joy, positivity, with their own beauty, natural style & their own talent.


Every day we work hard to improve our designs and concepts to give you authentic & quality products.

We work with a large range of  interesting materials like wood, horn, fabric, copper, brass and try everyday to do our best to make the world a better place to create.


While you take a look at our privacy policy on the next page, the whole team puts it’s voice together to send you big LOVE!!!